mohawkは日本を拠点としたフォトグラファーチームです。2015年HasselbladのアンバサダーDerek Makishimaをチームの中核人物に、商用写真、ポートフォリオ、プロダクト写真など、様々なニーズにお応えできるクリエイティブを目指しています。また海外企業の日本向けローカライズ写真、デザインなども得意としています。

mohawk is a photography team based in Japan. With 2015 Hasselblad’s ambassador Derek Makishima, we aim at creative answering to a variety of the needs from portraits, business photography, product photos, portfolios and more. We also specialize in design and localization for companies who want to launch their products in Japan.
I only have one life, yet I have so many interests and am curious about everything, and being a photographer has allowed me to glimpse into the lives and careers of those who I cannot be because I am limited to one life. From CEOs, to international fashion designers, actors, athletes and to the person down the street who bakes my bread, I have photographed them all and peeked into their lives for a moment. However, after I finish photographing, I have never thought, “I would like to have their job.” I am always happy to come home as a photographer, a person who has the ability to live many lives. The fact is I have never thought of photography as a job, for me it is my life, and it makes me excited about living, no two days are the same, each day is unique. Tomorrow you may be my client, and perhaps become a friend, I am truly excited to meet you!
I started my career as a graphic designer and I believe photography and graphic design are inseparable. For my design projects, I needed photos according to my vision so I’ve started to shoot for my purpose. After some trial and error I finally managed to shoot photos the way I wanted them to be. Meeting Derek Makishima made a huge impact on me and I feel I’ve finally found my perfect partner in the photography field. I’m the CEO of Jetset Inc. I’ve worked as a graphic designer for a long time and I started working as a photographer in 2007. Nikon > Canon > Hasselblad – I prefer medium format. My clients are NHK, Universal Music Japan, the Public Collaboration Center of Tokyo University of the Arts, Vector Inc, Dentsu and more